New Construction

Industrial Waterproof System is an industry leader in hot applied rubberized asphalt - specializing in large scale applications regardless of orientation or substrate. We offer our considerable years of experience and lend our expertise to every project we do. We will review all of your technical drawings relating to our work, offering adjustments to details etc to ensure your project is built smoothly and with the protection to the asset that is your buildings structure.

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Protected Membrane Systems

All of our systems are specially designed with one goal in mind - long lasting waterproofing. As such - we specialize in an industry leading protected membrane system. Protected membrane means our world class membrane is applied directly to the surface requiring waterproofing, then the remaining roofing system is built upon the membrane provided additional layers of protection. 


Drawing details

We will, in house, review or prepare the required details to ensure we work with your architects, engineers, and project managers. Our project mangers work around your schedule and ensure you have a smooth, on time and on budget experience.


Years of Experience

We bring our considerable years of experience to every project big or small. We have been on small projects and multi billion dollar buildings. No project is to big or to small and we will bring our attention to detail and experience every single time.