Restoration and Repair

Industrial Waterproof Systems is a leader in its field specializing in difficult and long lasting solutions to any waterproofing application. We are fully licensed applicators of Sevenproof Industries leading membrane SPI6940. 

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Rubberized asphalt membrane

The heart of any waterproofing application is the membrane. The membrane needs to be tough and monolithic, yet pliable to resist the effects of weather. SPI6940 is the perfect rubberized asphalt membrane. A remarkably tough membrane which, due to it remaining viscous, can self heal small punctures. It will move with the building and the building materials as the roofing substrate heats and cools. It can be installed on both horizonatal and vertical applications. We have installed this on tens of millions of square feet, some as old as 40 years with no sign of failure.

Full Service Repair

Industrial Waterproof Systems is a full service repair and restoration workshop. When called we dispatch our experienced leak finders with state of the art tools in order to best serve you. With us there is no need for expensive engineering consultations - we will work with you from the moment the leak is diagnosed to the final solution to ensure we leave you dry and satisfied.

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Industry leading warranties

When it comes to warranties - we are the best. our combination of length, coverage, and expertise allow us to extend warranties upwards of 25 years on our full installations. We have no problems offering these kinds of warranties because of our superior product use, experienced installers, and excellent track record. We have been in business for 50 years serving our customers - a track record worth paying for.