Driving Forward

Industrial Waterproof Systems is a company which refuses to rest on its reputation. We continue everyday to come up with interesting and cost effective solutions to problems faced by our customers. It doesn't matter if you have a small leak or are attempting to figure out how to protect a billion dollar structure on your condo - we will find a solution for you. 


One of our more exciting developments is a patent protected solution for low weight structures: 



Using state of the art materials we are in the process of perfecting a light weight ballast system (under 5 lbs per foot) which has all of our traditional long lasting and high quality expectations.

balcony Green Main Page.JPG


By using our patented system the combination of materials will leave your space looking like a fantastic green roof without the need for expensive maintenance.



The system itself, in addition to offering our best waterproofing protection available, reduces wind lift and structure load thanks to air diffusal through the grass blades. This also leads to another surprising benefit - an energy reduction due to the air buffeting effect on the roof.